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OUR Beneficiaries

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The Maasai Girls Education Fund's

mission is to improve the literacy, health and economic well being of Maasai women and their families in Kenya through the education of girls and their communities.

Regina Ntinka

From MGEF's website:

Regina’s father does not believe in educating girls and arranged for her marriage in 2010, when she was only 12 years old. Regina desperately wanted to go to school and ran away from home several times, only to be brought back home under the threat that both she and her mother would be sent away forever. However, with the help of an aunt and an MGEF board member, her dream of an education finally came true. At age 12, Regina enrolled in school for the first time under MGEF’s sponsorship.


*Photos and description taken from

Beatrice Nasalula

:From MGEF's website

Beatrice Nasalula is one of three sisters who together came to MGEF in need of sponsorship. With nine children in total, her family could hardly pay for basic necessities, much less school fees. She and her sisters attended school only when they could piece together enough money to pay for a few months at a time. Beatrice yearned to return to secondary school full-time in order to concentrate on her studies uninterrupted. An MGEF scholarship has now enabled Beatrice to stay in school and pursue her dream career in Community Development. She is currently enrolled at St. Clare Girls Secondary School.

*Photos and description taken from

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